Looking for Altaf Nazerali?  Then you’ve come to the right place.  Altaf Nazerali has a very interesting life story.  He is the third generation of his family to be born in Kenya and raised in the Congo.  Altaf Nazerali grew up in very troubling times and his family was forced to leave the country by Idi Amin’s new government.  The family ultimately migrated to Canada in the early 1970s.

Altaf NazeraliAltaf Nazerali learned at an early age that education was very important.  It was reinforced when his family was forced to flee its home country with only a few hundred dollars.  That life lesson made him realize that a good education is one asset that could never be taken away.

He took that lesson to heart and was a star student in high school, finishing early.  He then was accepted at the prestigious Columbia University at the age of 15.

He relied on his strength of character, also learned early in life, to make it in the big city.  At the young age of 15, Altaf found himself in New York City with a suitcase, $200 and no place to live.  He managed to find an affordable place in New York – no easy feat – and went on to earn his Bachelor of Arts degree and MBA by the age of 20.  That was a very rare event at that time.

After successfully completing his education, Altaf parlayed that success into a storied career in international business which included creating, building and nurturing several multi-million dollar companies – taking many public.

Altaf Nazerali’s strong belief in education has stayed with him through his life.  He and his family became significant patrons of a vocational training boarding school for girls in Bhunj, India.  This is one of the region’s most deprived areas.  So the school’s premise is that educated women will pass on that education to their children.  The school also focuses on giving these girls marketable skills that allows them to provide additional household income and improve their quality of life.

Throughout his life, Altaf has preferred to shy away from the cameras and instead focus on giving back to the community and the education he believes in so strongly.

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