Altaf Nazerali

Searching for information on Altaf Nazerali?  I can understand why.  Altaf Nazerali is a very interesting man who has overcome many challenges early in his life in order to achieve great success.  Despite his bright career, Altaf Nazerali is content to stay out of the limelight and remains a modest man.

Altaf Nazerali and his family were forced from their homeland when he was a young man; he took on New York City and college as a 15 year old; and he has tackled many challenges in the international business world to achieve much success.

Altaf was trying to get to college at the young age of 15.  This is when most teens are worried about sports, and finding a date.  He was talking on challenges most don’t face until much later in life.  Altaf found himself in New York City with nothing but a suitcase and a couple of hundred dollars.  He has been accepted to Columbia University, but had no place to live because he was too young to live on campus.  True to form, Altaf did not let this stop him from attending college.  He managed to find a place to live and went on to graduate from Columbia with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree and MBA by the age of 20.

About the time Altaf was finishing college things radically changed for his family.  This coincided with the European powers returning much of Africa to self rule.  It was a very tumultuous time as new powers were arising to fill the gap – some not so benevolent.  Altaf’s family was caught up in the policies of Idi Amin’s new government.  His family, and all other citizens of Indian and Asian decent, were given 30 days to vacate the country and were forced to leave nearly all their assets in the country except for a couple of hundred dollars.  The family ultimately ended up migrating to Canada to start over.

So as his family was making its way to Canada, he finished school and helped get the Nazerali clan settled.  Then he moved on to his next adventure and take on the international business world.  He convinced GTE International to take a chance on him right out of college.  He went on to start and finance many successful communications companies across the world.

Through all this life experience, Altaf Nazerali never lost site of his commitment to helping others overcome their own challenges in life by giving back to his community in many ways.

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